Director's Reel





I don’t limit myself to one medium. A creative idea and concept have no bounds when it comes to its execution.

I started my journey as a graphic designer, being educated by the very best masters of composition and typography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. 

I spent almost a decade at MTV as an art director which truly informed who I would become as a creative. I was hooked on design and irreverence, authenticity and using my work to provoke others.

My love of music and my early creative influences led me to shooting photography and directing music videos, eventually into directing commercials and full 360 marketing campaigns.

My desire to work with smaller brands and craft their story in innovative and creative ways is what led me here, bringing 15 years of entertainment marketing experience to brands, musicians and entrepreneurs who are in need of smart concepts, branding and content creation. 

My greatest highs are in authentic story telling, wrangling the subtle nuances of typography and capturing motion and life in a still moment.